The Joy Of Travelling

The Joy Of Travelling
Bolton to Calais

Last summer our family travelled around Europe in a VWT4 campervan
Blue Barbara.

With 3 kids
 one of which broke her arm 20 minutes before we were due to set off.....

The fantastic doctors and nurses at Bolton Royal Hospital rushed us through so we wouldn't miss our ferry!



Led to


The horror of the constant road works, speed restrictions traffic jams meant just getting from Manchester to Dover took 6 hours.

But we were off!
ferry selfies were necessary to prevent ferry related Lilly Willow  meltdowns........

Lyla Rose hated the ferry
spent the whole journey green....................
We made it into Calais

Then the search for a stopover site started

I pretended to read the map when the sat nav had a hissy fit

We eventually found a site
It was quite late
The site was shut
with an extremely drunk French man
dealing with latecomers
 Utilising the international language of
Dealing With Pissed People
I got us a pitch.

We bedded down

Woke to gorge on fresh croissants and bread

And packed up
Ready to hit the Road

Switzerland the destination

Look out for

The Joy Of Travelling