The Joy Of The Lightbulb Moment

I spent a long time blaming the past for the present. I over ate, I was angry, sad, depressed and full of self pity.
I blamed this on events from my childhood, convinced myself that if only my parents hadn't divorced I wouldn't be sad, if I hadn't had a difficult relationship with my stepdad I wouldn't over eat yadda yadda yadda.
Then there was a lightbulb moment.
I was, as per usual, bemoaning to my husband about how unattractive I felt, how awful I looked in my clothes, how I hated being fat.
He looked me right in the eye.
Lucy, he said, you know you are overweight, I know you are overweight, I love you regardless of your weight, you are beautiful regardless of what size clothes you are wearing but if you are unhappy change it because no one can do it for you.
That's when it hit me.
I didn't over eat because of my childhood, I did it because my relationship with food was massively fucked up, I wasn't sad because of my parents divorce, I was sad because I …

The Joy Of Travelling Pt2

I first became aware of Switzerland when I discovered the story of Heidi It is a story about a young girl who lives with her grandfather on a Swiss mountain. I read the book and then watched it dramatized on T.V

I was entranced,
 the T.V showed the mountains
 I had been dreaming of ever since reading it 3 times back to back.

I grew up thinking it couldn't be real That no place on earth could be so beautiful

Boy was I wrong!
We set off quite late from the site in France  as with all of our trips we had no firm plans no site pre-booked  to rush to Just the enjoyment of the open road
 and anticipation of all that was to come.
We stopped at  an aire just before Switzerland and whilst Andy cooked amongst the fag butts

I enjoyed a beer

Beer for the non-driver is an absolute must as the non-driver it was my dubious pleasure to be the main food giver
, launching food into the back of the van like cruise missiles,
 referee to countless arguments
cigarette roller an…

The Joy Of Travelling

The Joy Of Travelling PT1 Bolton to Calais

Last summer our family travelled around Europe in a VWT4 campervan Blue Barbara.
With 3 kids  one of which broke her arm 20 minutes before we were due to set off.....

The fantastic doctors and nurses at Bolton Royal Hospital rushed us through so we wouldn't miss our ferry!



Led to Exhaustion

The horror of the constant road works, speed restrictions traffic jams meant just getting from Manchester to Dover took 6 hours.
But we were off! ferry selfies were necessary to prevent ferry related Lilly Willow  meltdowns........

Lyla Rose hated the ferry spent the whole journey green.................... We made it into Calais

Then the search for a stopover site started
I pretended to read the map when the sat nav had a hissy fit

The Joy Of Folding Pt 2

The Joy of Folding for me comes from relaxation, smoothing my hands over the clothes, feeling the material, straightening seams and reshaping necklines puts me into an almost meditative state.
Sometimes I'll have music on or the t.v or be chatting to MrB but often to sit in silence enjoying the feel of the material and its warmth is bliss.
NOT something I would ever have said 6 months ago.

The first rule of folding:
This is a task for which your family will always be thankful (even if they never vocalise it)  having lovely, cared for, clean clothes every day is a joy for anyone.
Set aside a time every day when you can do this properly without rushing.
I find the half hour whilst MrB cooks dinner is ideal.
There is no point spending the whole time you are dealing with clothes being angry and pissed off, you have to do it and following this method will make it so much easier.

1) when first removing an item from the dryer (I am a heavy user of my dryer, I know its bad for the…