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The Joy Of Folding Pt 2

The Joy of Folding for me comes from relaxation, smoothing my hands over the clothes, feeling the material, straightening seams and reshaping necklines puts me into an almost meditative state.
Sometimes I'll have music on or the t.v or be chatting to MrB but often to sit in silence enjoying the feel of the material and its warmth is bliss.
NOT something I would ever have said 6 months ago.

The first rule of folding:
This is a task for which your family will always be thankful (even if they never vocalise it)  having lovely, cared for, clean clothes every day is a joy for anyone.
Set aside a time every day when you can do this properly without rushing.
I find the half hour whilst MrB cooks dinner is ideal.
There is no point spending the whole time you are dealing with clothes being angry and pissed off, you have to do it and following this method will make it so much easier.

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