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The Joy Of Pinterest

I've had my fill of Pinterest
I've had it up to here
In fact I'd say
I'm BOARD (see what I did there)
To me its very clearThere's only so much decorating I'm definitely going to do
The crafting thing quite frankly makes me want to sniff my glueI'm feeling quite inadequate
My Mason jars look shit
I'll just pop to my quotes board see what they might make of it......

The Joy Of Letting Go

There I was, pregnant with a much longed for baby, married to a man I adored and at a happy healthy weight.
So why was there still a lingering sadness?It was my childhood.I didn't have a terrible childhood, for the most part it was wonderful, a loving mum, loving stepdad, contact with my dad, though sporadic, he lives in California,  through letters and phonecalls we maintained a relationship.My dad came back from America and everything changed.
His return caused problems.
Problems between my mum and stepdad.
Problems between my elder sister and my mum and stepdad.My relationship with my stepdad broke down.
Whilst not willing to go into details, suffice to say it was a very upsetting and stressful time in all our lives.Time moved on my mum and stepdad spilt up.My stepdad and I rebuilt our relationship.
I lived away for a while and when I came back with my baby son he was great, very supportive he became a good friend and I spent a lot of time with him.There was, however, a great b…