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The Joy Of Christmas

So here we are another yuletide filled with expectation is on the horizon and thousands of women across the world will be getting their knickers in a right twist.I say women because I recently read an article about how much more emotional work women do in families.Generally speaking we sort birthdays, Christmas any occasion you care to think of and I can pretty much guarantee there will have been a woman behind it swigging vodka and smoking hundreds of roll ups.....(that may just be me).Ooh the planning involved we cry.
The buying.
The making.
The wrapping.
The overwhelming feeling that if it isn't perfect then we've ruined Christmas forever.Sod it I say.Christmas when I was little was very very present heavy.
This is a tradition I am desperately trying to break.
I don't want my kids to see Christmas as purely a way to get all the things they've been lusting after all year. Yes that's part of it obviously and I'm not a Scrooge, I just cannot face the horror of …