The Joy Of Today

Today I am joyful.
Its Sunday and I've nowt to do but to sit sit sit sit.
I could be busy, I could be productive, I could go clean Lylas trainers, they've been sat outside the back door for a week now, caked in mud.
I know I have to clean them.
They know I have to clean them.

But fortunately due to my belief in fairies I am convinced that one day if I leave shit  long enough they'll come and do it.
Admittedly not happened yet.
I crack too soon.

So sit is what I do.

I fend off pleas for the park like Batfink, my wings really are made of steel.
The cries of I'm bored do nothing to dent my armour.
I find myself echoing the voice of my mum.


The kids scatter.

Still I sit.
There's no music, no t.v no nothing.
Just me.

And how glorious it is.
Can I come in here
If you can sit silently yes.
Without any perceptible breath.

The kids scatter.

Parenting win.

Then in slinks the cat.........