The Joy Of Facing Your Fear

So there I was in the meeting, the queue was huge, I paid my money and headed to THE SCALES.
Just the thought of standing on those scales made my mouth go dry and my stomach churn.

I had a love hate relationship with scales, I'd got to a point where I was weighing myself every day, at least once, usually three of four times.

I discovered that I weighed differently according to the time of day.
Pre morning toilet visit, post morning toilet, the joy I experienced 'losing' half a pound after a thorough clear out held no bounds.
Til I weighed myself again after lunch, the half pound loss turned into a 2 pound gain and on and on.

Little wonder I was depressed, I let the scales dictate my day, what I would eat, what I would wear.
You get the picture.

Next post, getting on the scales.

What are your thoughts on weighing yourself?

Are you a serial scaler?

Reason to be joyful number 3, throwing away the scales.