The Joy Of Halloween

Today I was in full Instagram mum mode
I had the kids.
I had the time.

I was getting out the craft box!

Getting out the craft box, I am shamed to admit, does NOT happen all that often.

Despite what you might see on my Instagram.

It's my craft box.
It's filled with lovely papers,
jewelled things,
stamps I got for free by spending the best part of £50 on magazines.........

To the kids it's a magical treasure chest.
There are sharpies of every colour imaginable, even neon....
And just like pirates, their intentions towards my treasure trove are far from good.

They want to pillage.

They want to take that beautiful piece of Liberty Print tissue paper I was definitely going to decoupage onto something, at some point, that had been folded lightly so as not to crease it and kept for five years, and they want to destroy it.

Not use it on a lovely piece of craft that I would treasure until throwing it away in a declutter frenzy.


Instead they are going to soak it in glue til it turns into a mushy ball of greyness, declare it 'rubbish' and move onto the next bit of loveliness I've been holding on to for that perfect project......

Don't get me wrong the kids aren't totally craft denied they have their own shit er I mean craft boxes, filled with dried up felt tips, endless things stuck together and something that was once a toilet roll but now appears to be growing legs....

I took all these things into consideration.

Closed the craft box, declared we were making giant spiders webs out of bin bags, then proceeded to make what can only be described as looking like an item of clothing you might buy from Anne Summers.


Parenting win!
Happy Halloween