The Joy Of Getting Older

My first experience of true awakening came after my house declutter and a period of intense illness.

Both had prompted me to start meditating, my illness was exacerbated by stress and the house being clear of stuff meant I had the space to expand my mind.

I'd always had an awareness of the higher consciousness.

As a child I could astral project at will, I thought everyone could!

I would fly down the road towards the cemetery visit family and friends.
As I got older though I started being scared by the spinning that would precede the flight and so stopped doing it.
My family were a part of the Divine Light Mission in the mid to late seventies.
I was raised around satsang sessions, talk of higher things, of a better way and marijuana filled rooms.

But it didn't last the free love, dissatisfaction, etc destroyed many of the marriages, my parents included.

They were the first 'free' generation but they tried to be free whilst living the same life their parents did.

married at 20 parent by 21

Most coming straight from living with parents to having their own home with a new husband or wife.

This freedom was then tempered by responsibilities, expectations of adulthood
On what were essentially kids, shown a hint of freedom only to be told it was all done now get back to being an adult.

So some went off the rails (my dad) and lived a life true to themselves, some just accepted it, shut that part of higher consciousness down and got on with so called living.

Filling the hole left by awakening with appearances of normality
with stuff